Gala Video and Other Updates

A little treat to start the new year; video of our EIMCO Rocker Shovel Loader being demonstrated by Dave, Mark and Ian from our mining team during the AVLR 2013 Gala. No thrilling high speed chases I’m afraid, but interesting to see it in action. It was nursed back to life in the summer and joined the Hem Heath auxiliary winder as a working exhibit for the Gala. You’ll notice that this is on YouTube, we now have a channel where we can post such gems.

In other news, we’ve now posted the years events in our on our events section in the front page, you can view them all here.  This is a much improved events system what can cope with all of the multi-day events that are planned for the year.  A smaller update is the news post archive links, also on the front page –

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