Apedale Valley Light Railway

The Apedale Valley Light Railway was officially opened in September 2010 by the Moseley Railway Trust. The railway normally offers rides at weekends from spring through to autumn. Visit avlr.org.uk for up to date information on timetables, special events, and fares.

The Moseley Railway Trust aims to preserve industrial narrow gauge railway locomotives, rolling stock and other equipment. The trust’s collection includes examples from the Steel, Peat, Glass, Water, Brick, Explosives and Sewage Industries. You can view a small selection from the MRT’s collection in the Heritage Centre museum.

Kerr Stuart’s “Jofre” 3014 standing at Apedale Station

Narrow gauge railways form an important part of our industrial heritage, the most well known application being in the mining industry. However, a narrow gauge railway could often be found where ever there was a need to transport large amounts of materials. Even today, modern narrow gauge railways are at work, for example in the construction taking place for the London 2012 Olympics.

A small selection from the MRT fleet