Mining Themed CD Released

Congratulations to Alex Caton (http://alexcaton.com/) on the release of her new Album, “Never Take a Daisy Down a Mine” inspired by a visit to the Apedale Heritage Centre. It combines Appalachian and Irish Folk with her family history in the North Staffordshire mining industry, resulting in an Album of music and poetry about mining. Alex launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the new album, which not only hit the target, it achieves a second goal of funding travel expenses to come and promote the Album in here England.

Never Take a Daisy Down the Mine – Track List

1. Collier Lass
2. Close the Coal House Door, Lad
3. Coal Mine Blues
4. Never Take a Daisy Down the Mine
5. Saving Granddad
6. Explosion in the Fairmount Mines
7. Minnie Pit Disaster
8. Working Man
9. The Diglake Disaster At Audley
10. Coal Not Dole
11. The Colliers

We have it in our Shop in the Heritage Centre at £8, kindly supplied by Alex, and it’s available on line at CDBaby (CD and mp3), Amazon (mp3) and no doubt many other online outlets. If anyone is interested in ordering one for delivery get in touch via info@apedale.co.uk and we will sort something out.

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