The Apedale Hall Window

We now have a very unique piece of local history on display in the museum – A stained glass window from Apedale Hall!  This was one of a set of four each with a different heraldic shield in it.  The opportunity to acquire this came up late last year when it was put up for auction locally, and we couldn’t pass it by.  It’s taken a few months to get it on display, due to Santa visiting and then building the display for it.

In 1840 Richard Edensor Heathcote extended Apedale hall, built 1826, with a new banqueting hall and commissioned a set of stained-glass windows.  This window bears the Heathcote-Sandford arms in honour of his eldest son’s marriage.  The left hand side, representing John Edensor Heathcote, is comprised of the Heathcote, Edensor and Gresley family arms.

This device was used as the Longton Coat of Arms, as the family had strong links to the town.  Richard father, Sir John Edensor Heathcote, who married Anne Gresley, was at one time the High Sheriff of Staffordshire and also owned Longton Hall.

Another of the Windows is in the Richard Heathcote School in Alsagers Bank, which shows the Edensor-Heathcote Arms.  We don’t know where the other two windows are, if anyone does, we’d be interested to know.

For more information on Richard Edensor Heathcote see – The Turbulent Squire of Apedale.



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