New Folk Music Project – Never Take A Daisy Down The Mine

We recently learned of a music project by American Folk Musician, Alex Caton, focusing on mining songs and poems.
In Alex’s own words –

“The project started five years ago after a visit to England and a family group tour down the mine at Apedale Heritage Centre in North Staffordshire, England. This happened to be the very mine my great grandfather worked in many years ago. After that visit, my interest in our family history and coal mining in general grew. Before I knew it I was collecting songs and poems (found by my father, my uncle Graham and my auntie Valerie) about mining from Staffordshire and beyond.”

Alex is currently raising funding for the recording using kickstarter, click here to go to the project page.

You can hear some of her previous work on her website. In particular have a list to the coal mining track, “Black Lung”.

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