Happy New Year

We’d like to wish all of our visitors, volunteers and friends a happy and safe New Year. This year has been a very strange one, it started well enough, but we soon had to close due to the first lockdown. We opened again in July, albeit without being able to run mine tours, only to be shut again in the November lockdown and ending up in Tier 3 meaning that we still can’t open. Our volunteers did get manage to work on quite a few projects this year despite the restrictions; our surface gallery project made big steps forward, we had a canopy erected over our outside seating to keep the weather off, new signs, improvements to our forge and the rear yard has been cleared and organised to name but a few. For 2021, there seems to be light at the end of the Covid tunnel and once we are back at Tier 2 we can look at reopening. Hopefully sat some point we’ll get the green light to resume mine tours from the powers that be, although that’s likely to be much further down the road.
The snowy pictures were taken around Apedale this week.

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