From the archives: Sentinel 4wVBT

Things have been a bit quite around here, possibly its the quiet before the storm that is our mining gala in three weeks time. So lets have a dip into our archives and look at another local colliery locomotive, in this case from Silverdale Colliery. At first glance you may think that this is a diesel, but it’s actually a Sentinel 4wVBT vertical boilered steam locomotive. No 9535 was one of two bought in 1952 by the NCB for this area, the other going to Holditch. This example was used until 1968 after which it was retired to a siding at Silverdale. Four year later it was rescued and moved to Foxfield for restoration, after which its owner ran it on Telford Steam Railway. Today it’s back at Foxfield but needs work to be put back into working order again.

Did I mention the gala? All the latest information can be found here :- https://www.apedale.co.uk/gala/

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