Companion Dog Show


Saturday 4th October 2014

Held in the area in front of the
Apedale Heritage Centre.

Held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations
with International Judge: Mrs C. Lawton-Anderson.

Also there will be craft stalls, the café will be open, mine tours and the Railway will be running a deisel service.

Registration starts at 10:30, Judging commences at 12:00, £1 entry per class.

Proceeds to the donated to the Apedale Heritage Centre.

Pedigree Classes

AV Puppy Dog/Bitch 6-9 Months
AV Puppy Dog/Bitch 9-12 Months
AV Junior
AV Hound – Gundog
AV Working – Pastoral
AV Terrier – Utility
AV Toy
AV Sporting
AV Non-sporting
AV Open
AV Veteran

Novelty Classes

Child Handling 6 to 11
Child Handling 12 to 16
Best Rescue
Best Crossbreed
Prettiest Bitch
Handsomest Dog
Waggiest Tail
Handsomest Dog
Dog the Judge would most like to take home
Dog most like the Owner
AV Veteran

Picture By Claire Mainwaring 08 (Claire Mainwaring) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons