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Welcome to our new and improved website.  This is something that we have been working on for a while in order to solve some of the problems with the old one – mainly that it was a pain to update!  Have a look around, you’ll find all of the previous information here, we’ve made sure that nothing has been lost in the transfer. Some of the new features are:-

  • A search box that will search the entire site
  • Visitors (that’s you!) can comment on the news posts
  • An event calendar
  • Better news archives (the old one was just a long list)
  • Better social media integration
  • A separate form for booking enquiries and both forms have a captcha to help stop the spam that we were getting
  • Built on a content management system to make our job easier!

And loads of other stuff! We’ll continue refining the site just as we did with the old one and will be adding new features as we develop.

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