Loco Swap

A while ago the railway chaps asked if they could swap out the Motor Rail loco that’s been part of their display in the museum for many a good year, as they wanted to use it as part of the tracks to trenches event this year (http://www.wdlr.org.uk/). The little petrol engined loco was built for service in World War One, although the war ended before it was delivered. It’s being replaced by the recently restored Motor Rail 5038 “City of Gloucester”. Yesterday a team of crack loco movers descended on the museum to do the swap. Doors were removed, heads were scratched, breath was sharply in-taken, tea was drunk and the work commenced. I think they may have dropped it at one point but it was manoeuvred out of the doors with skates and sections of rail and it’s replacement is safely installed in it’s place.

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